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Yoga Onboard is a practical guide that offers creative alternatives to adapting traditional yoga postures to a sailing vessel. Using various parts of the boat as props, Kim demonstrates how easy it is to create a yoga practice on whatever size boat you are on. The ideas presented can be applied to any circumstance or location allowing your practice to travel with you. Some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice include increased strength and flexibility, restored energy, and harmony between the body and mind. As your practice deepens you will find that applying the principles of your practice into your life becomes second nature.


Yoga Onboard DVD

Yoga OnboardTM is an outstanding guide for anyone that is new to yoga or wants to continue their practice while cruising.  On board sailing vessel Everlasting, Kim demonstrates just how easy it is to adapt your yoga practice to any space.  Using various parts of the boat as props, Kim moves from the foredeck to cockpit to bow sprit providing informative, unscripted instruction of a complete yoga sequence.

With any yoga practice you will find an increase in strength and flexibility and a sense of peacefulness within your life by consciously focusing on the breath during meditation and the practice itself.  Through the practice of yoga we begin see the interrelation between all living beings giving us the opportunity to refresh and renew our relationships and our lives.

Currently residing in Miami Beach, Kim not only teaches locally,but regularly travels nationwide and throughout the Caribbean and Central  America bringing yoga to the cruising and yoga communities through her workshops, seminars, book and DVD, with plans to be ‘out there’ in the near future.

Yoga Onboard the DVD is the perfect compliment to the book by the same title.  Both can be purchased at select retailers or online at a website dedicated to the interaction of yogis and sailors alike.


Excerpt from Yoga Onboard:


The people to blame.. special thanks to Woody, Jody & Bob for supporting Yoga Onboard and inviting me to write the Healthy Cruising column for their magazine, Cruising Outpost, formerly Latitudes & Attitudes. This was taken the first day we met Miami Boat Show 2006

A Seed Was Planted

The first time I lived on a boat – a 42’ Tayana – I had just completed my yoga teacher training. The first couple of weeks I enjoyed practicing on the dock near our slip. Once we left our slip to sail through the Keys for a month, I found myself adapting my practice to life on the boat. There was not a single flat place on the vessel that was big enough for me to lay down my mat. I practiced forward folds in the cockpit, meditated on the bow and created new and exciting standing postures while holding onto a cross bar on the stern, all this being done both under sail or on the hook, the heeling or the stillness creating the perfect practice for that particular day. Once I returned to Idaho for the next year, I did not give this a second thought until moving back to Sayulita, Mexico in the fall of 2004. I had the opportunity to crew in a couple of informal fun races for the cruisers in the area. During conversations with several cruisers the topic of me being a yoga instructor came up, along with comments such as, “I would love to start yoga, but have no room on the boat” or, “I bought an Intro to Yoga book, but I have no place to lay a mat”.

Practicing while underway aboard sv Everlasting, Tampa Bay

A seed had been planted.

Yoga Onboard is a guide that offers creative alternatives to the traditional approach to yoga postures and the encouragement to tap into one’s own creativity to expand a practice beyond
what I offer. Included in this guide is some very basic information about yoga as a whole,
however, my intention is to offer a supplement to the many wonderful books on yoga that are
already available: a supplement specifically for cruisers and live-aboards or others who may find themselves with limited space and a desire to continue their asana practice.


I love sailing. I love yoga. And I love sharing what I learn with others.
The opportunity to bring these together is an opportunity of a lifetime.













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