Jan 22 2018

My Monkey Went to the Circus

This morning during my meditation, I had a very different, unexpected, yet super cool thing happen!

As I was meditating, noticing all of the thoughts rambling through my mind (just like every morning!) all of a sudden, I was center stage, or rather ‘ring’ at the circus.

I saw myself sitting in the middle of a circus ring with all of the other ‘acts’ and onlookers just outside of the ring. These were my thoughts. Over the years of practicing and teaching meditation, I have come up with quite a few metaphors for the thoughts that ramble on during meditation:
-train of thoughts
-thoughts as waves coming in and out at the shore line
you get the idea. But…. this morning, out of the blue, I was center stage at the circus!

There I was, sitting in the middle of the ring, meditating, with all of the other acts and all of the onlookers just outside the ring. These represented my thoughts… guess I had a pretty busy mind this morning!

As I continued to observe, I found myself distracted (naturally) but kept breathing. I then visualized a circus tent slowly lowering all around the ring I was sitting in… keeping lots of open space around me, but blocking from view the distractions. I kept breathing, and soon found myself at the end of my practice.

I then visualized the tent lifting, and was able to see, without attachment, all of the thoughts (circus acts) and to-dos (onlookers) that were surrounding me. I smiled.

As I slowly began exiting my practice, I began to think about how different staying present is today, in this world of high speed internet and changes happening so fast we can hardly keep up with anything.

I don’t know about you, but I will swear the earth is spinning faster than it used too! (Is there evidence of that somewhere? Please let me know!) Think about it…… back a few centuries (heck, even just one century) life was pretty much about survival. A person had no choice but to stay present.

In today’s world, life is moving so fast, it is extremely difficult to not live in the past or the future. The present is a fleeting moment.

I believe this is why meditation/mindfulness/awareness is becoming so popular. We, as a species, are recognizing the importance of staying present for our own evolution.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Explore. Inquire. Discover. Observe.
Just have fun rolling in the mud, that is our life!

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Thanks for sharing this journey with me!  :pray:


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