May 15 2016

Choices… allow introspection which leads to growth

i_am_on_my_wayWe all make choices in our lives, some big, some inconsequential; but everyday we make more choices than we are consciously aware of. Throughout my life I have made many choices, some good, some not so good, some amazing. Regardless of the perception, they all have led me to now, and all have served in my growth.

I have never been one to “do the right thing” or “do the normal thing”, but I can say I have led a life that I was meant to live. Apparently, I have some past fear issues and have unconsciously been taking them on. It seems as if every time I get settled and the fear has subsided, BAM out of no where The Universe is telling me, “It is time.”

In high school I had my early adult years planned out, I was going to University, getting a degree in Marketing, marrying around 25/26 and having my children a couple of years later. I even bet a friend of my parents a case of beer on each. I married at 19… paid my case of beer to him, gave birth to my daughter 2 months prior to my 21st birthday…and paid my case of beer to him. Ah, the best laid plans.

Since that time, my two amazing kids moved with me to Boise and to Mexico. Since they have grown, I moved back to Mexico by home while travelingmyself, on to Miami Beach to teach yoga full time, bought a 41′ sailboat and chartered with the boy scouts for a summer, moved to Tortola, B.V.I. then to the Florida Keys where my husband and I opened a restaurant (the scariest thing of all!). We are now in the process of selling the boat, which we are living on, and purchasing a bus. The bus, like the boat will offer us the opportunity to travel while being in the comforts of home (which as I age has become very important to me).

Each time a change is happening, I always have very mixed feelings. I feel sad for what I am leaving behind; anxious, excited, apprehensive, curious and, well, down right afraid of the unknown. During this time while I am ‘being’ with all the emotions, and ‘doing’ what has to be done, many of those close to me question if I am doing the right thing.

Choosing to live a lifestyle that is different than what was once the norm is fast becoming the ‘new’ norm. Having been

in the cruising (on water) community for some time now, I have seen the demographics shift, with more and more young people taking on their lives, alone, together and with families. I have met families that had over 6 figure incomes leave that life, so they could be with their families, explore and learn from the world and the people they meet, waiting tables and tending bar to make ends meet. We are now moving into a new cruising community (on land), and will be able to explore the entire United States, with plans to spend time in Mexico and Canada as well. While doing our research for this shift in our lives, we are discovering that the same demographic shift is happening in this cruising community. More and more cruisers, while on land or at sea are discovering how to ‘earn a living’, while actually living. We are blessed in the fact that as a yoga instructor and my husband being a musician, we are able to take our passion anywhere. We are able to meet new friends, and expand our extended family and explore this beautiful planet we call home.knowing people


New BeginningsDon't Be Afraid of Change

A new chapter or phase is starting in your life.

Remember life is an adventure

To explore whilst you have fun.

This is going to be great.

It is time to live your life.

It is time for change

Go for it!

courage amidst fear

Expanding ones comfort zone takes courage, I am told. I don’t feel courageous, I feel normal. Yes, I am afraid, but I will never let that or the perception of others stop me!

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