Apr 14 2013

We must sail, not drift, nor lie at anchor…

compass“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving:   To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it – but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.

– Oliver Wendel Holmes

a note from November ’08

I recently had the opportunity to attend Sea School as the first step in obtaining my Captain’s license.  During the time spent on plotting and since then, I continue to think about the courses I have set for myself at various times throughout my life and how many times that course has changed either due to external conditions beyond my control, or internal conditions based on choices I have made.  When discussing the set and drift and point to aim when plotting I imagined having a navigation chart that represented my life and how it would look. I recall being close to graduating from high school and making a bet with a family friend that I would not be married until I was at least 26 years old and wouldn’t even consider having kids until a few years after that.  Well, that course was certainly effected by the currents of life.  I was married at 19 and brought the most beautiful baby girl into this world shortly before my 21st birthday with her brother following two and a half years later.  I paid my bets and carried on with the new course that had been set.

After my divorce, (yet another course change) I did my best to raise two independent and Erika & Dallascourageous human beings. I believe I did succeed in staying on that course.  Since that time, my course seems to be constantly changing, bringing into my life excitement, fear, new friends, challenges and adventure.  Almost four years ago when I landed here in Miami Beach after living the previous 6 months in Mexico, if someone would have told me I would be doing what I am doing right now, I would have laughed until I cried.  For that matter, if someone would have told me 15 years ago I would not only have lived in Mexico, but moved there with two teenagers and our two dogs, I would have thought them crazy!

I wonder sometimes what has been guiding me.  What has led me to NOW. I did not set a course to be HERE or anywhere near HERE.  I have felt for the last few years that I have simply been doing what I was told.  Not by any one person, but by something greater than myself.  I listen and I take action.  It seems so simple. Having clarity of what it is you truly want is crucial, however that doesn’t necessarily mean knowing what that is going to look like.  I have said for years “All I want is to sail and teach yoga.”  I had no idea it would look like this.

sailingEvery choice I make in my life now is based on the question, “What feels best?”.  I have let go of allowing guilt, obligation or should’ves guide my life and now let peace, joy and passion guide me. Based on results it is working.  Seeing, believing, but most of all trusting are the keys to a life that causes me to declare on a daily basis, “Life is good!”

What courses have you set for yourself throughout your lifetime, and how have you dealt with the wind and currents that may have blown you off that original course?

Peace, Love, Laughter and Pirate Yogis!


P.S.  I passed my tests and am now gathering my paperwork for the Coast Guard and shopping for my boat!

KeysChartsP.S.S. Today is 15 May 2013, five years after writing this blog, and WOW where the wind has blown me since then! I bought a 41′ sailboat, worked as a Captain with the Florida Sea Base Boy Scouts for a summer, and met & married a wonderful man who I am living with on our boat in the Florida Keys with our two macaws, after spending a couple of years living in the British Virgin Islands. We are, much to my surprise, in the process of purchasing a tiki bar and restaurant in Marathon, Florida, mid-way between Miami and Key West. We have plans to turn this into a premier music venue (my husband is a singer/songwriter with a passion for good music and good times) I will bring my passion of the outdoors and health & fitness through yoga into the space offering yoga & fitness classes in the mornings prior to opening. I also have plans to include water sports via kayak & paddleboard rentals & SUP Yoga right in front of the venue. Keeping our dreams alive and moving forward with love and passion.

Everything that happens is moving you to live a bigger truth.

— Alan Cohen

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