Apr 13 2013

Inspiration from a Universal Citizen(TM)

you are hereI just ran across this inspiring quote again, not sure where I found it so many years ago, but the words ring true for my aims in life.

“I have a holistic perspective about the world; I have a natural tendency towards co-operative action; I am international and intercultural; I am motivated by truth, integrity and unity; I am responsive to intrinsic beauty; I have an appreciation for peak experiences; I’m open-minded and treat others with respect; I have the desire to communicate authentically, naturally and easily; I am aware of my self-identity but have the capacity to go beyond the self; I use my natural talents to promote peace and goodwill; I aim to be awe-inspiring and above all I am aware of the sacredness of every person and of every living thing.”

I am a Universal CitizenTMuniversal citizen

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