Apr 03 2013

Living Green… K.I.S.S. ~ it’s easy!

going green“Every day we may make a hundred or more choices, some small and seemingly insignificant, and some large and unquestionably substantial.  Small or large, our collective choices and the actions that stem from them have an impact–good, bad or indifferent–on the world around us.”      It’s Easy Being Green, Crissy Trask

Keep it simple.  Start small.  Just by becoming conscious of the choices we make in every
moment and how that one, single choice affects your immediate and not so immediate environment.  Take for instance allowing the water to run as you are brushing your teeth.  Just the simple choice to turn the water off can save hundreds of gallons of water in a years time.  Worldwide, including right here at home in the United States, there are serious water shortages that have led to bitter fights over water rights with devastating outcomes for both humans and our aquatic ecosystems.

Some simple steps that you can do today are:green pledge

Reuse your grocery sacks or better yet bring your own reuseable bags.  A great one I have found is the ChicoBag.  It rolls up into a tiny bundle that stays in my purse.  Many times I forget to bring my bags in with me and have to load them at the car (I have the bag person put them right back into the cart and sack them at my car).  With the ChicoBag, I always have at least one bag with me.
Use a water filter instead of buying bottled water.  You can then purchase a stainless steel waterbottle to refill.
Turn off or unplug lights, fans and certain appliances when not in the room.  This not only saves electricity which has an impact on our carbon footprint, but also saves the impact on your wallet!
Combine errand running into one trip.  Rather than run to the store one day and another store the next, combine all into when day, saves gas and time.  OR better yet…
Walk or ride your bike when possible.
And of course, remember the four Rs.  RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE, REMEMBER!think green
These are just a few extremely simple things that each of us can incorporate into our lives that will have an impact if we all do them.  Being green is easy!

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”  Leo Tolstoy

I am always interested in hearing from you.  Please send me questions, ideas and photos for the website and Tropic Connections!

Peace, Love, Laughter and Pirate Yogis!


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