Mar 31 2013

Finding Balance with Restorative Yoga

candleWith today’s crazy schedules, stress levels and overall busy-ness, it is especially important to find the time nurture the body, mind and soul.  What if, you could eliminate, or at least bring to a manageable level your stress levels through ancient techniques that have been proven to lower blood pressure, frustration levels, irritation, anger, and all other symptoms that come from a stressful life.

“To quiet the mind, all things are possible.”  Meister Eckhart

With a regular restorative yoga practice, we can begin to find balance in today’s world. The use of props in a restorative practice, allows the body to be completely supported for total relaxation, and is designed to open the spine through passive postures, including an inversion pose which reverses the effects of gravity. The masculine and feminine energy that reside within each of us are balanced through strategically designed sequencing. Restoring balance with intentional relaxation and passive manipulation of the spine and body, is IMG_1460essential to living well.

Silence is Power      African Proverb

In my Candlelight Restorative class, an emphasis is placed upon opening the front side of the body, countering the effects of day to day living in which we “close” the front of the body over 35,000 times each day.  Every thing we do, from walking, sitting, reaching and even sleeping closes or contracts the front side of the body. Rarely, if ever, do we consciously “open” the front of the body.

yoga nidraThe last posture of the evening is a supported savasana, preparing the body and mind for the final portion of this class: yoga nidra. A guided ‘meditation’ which stimulates various parts of the brain and balances the two hemispheres of the brain through time tested (over 5000 years) ‘exercises’ allowing the participant to go into a deeper state of consciousness, often times leaving them with the feeling of being “out of my body”.

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