Mar 29 2013

One Breath At A Time

breathe3One of the simplest ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to begin by breathing.  Yes breathing.  Breathing consciously.  Allowing our attention to focus solely on each inhale and each exhale. This is something that we rarely do.  We rush through life with our attention here and there, at home, at work, making to-do lists, and grocery lists, lists of all kinds; surrendering to the Monkey Mind.

“Our lives are not measured by the number of his days but by the number of his breaths.”  By slowing down and deepening the breaths we take, we not only lengthen our lives, but strengthen the respiratory system, sooth the nervous system and reduce cravings. As our desires and cravings diminish, our minds are set free and we are able to concentrate more fully.

Stop right now and take ten, that’s right, ten slow, deep conscious breathes.  One of two things may happen;  you will either not be able to maintain the focus necessary to watch ten breathes in and ten breathes out or, you will have control of your monkey mind and you will make it through all ten breathes and you will notice that you feel different; calmer more relaxed.  By breathing long slow deep breathes, we stimulate the part of the lungs that hold the calming nerve receptors, enabling the body to slide into a more relaxed and calm state, both physically and mentally.

Breathing is something we take for granted, which is a shame, it is a very powerful tool we breathe1have that we can utilize any time, and any where.  Headaches can virtually disappear, traffic jams can seem less frustrating, communication can become clearer, these are just a few areas of our lives that can be dramatically changed by simply bringing our attention to our breath.

now…..  breathe in….. and breathe out…..

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