Mar 28 2013

What are you passionate about?

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
Julia Childs

Fall ’08


practicing aboard Everlasting, Tampa Bay

I am so excited to have many new adventures unfolding in my life! As far back as I can remember I could not for the life of me figure out what I wanted to do or be when I ‘grew up’. All I knew was that as soon as I found what I was truly passionate about, I would know the answer. When I discovered yoga, I knew immediately my life would be changing. It made so much sense to me. Having been a fitness instructor for close to 10 years prior and working in the transformational growth industry for 8 of those years, transitioning into yoga was natural. Since that time, I have also discovered that living the sailing lifestyle is also a passion. As my confidence as a skipper/instructor grows in this area, I am anxious for my transition to living aboard. Bringing these two passions together to create what some might call a career (I like to call it play!) makes me realize how truly blessed I am.

With the success of my book Yoga OnboardTM and the release of the DVD this fall, my life is moving in directions I could never have imagined, both in the realm of my yoga instruction and my love for sailing. All because I followed my passion.

Traveling nationwide promoting my book, I have met the most amazing and inspirational people. Tropic Connections will give us the opportunity to share information on yoga, health in general, living green-on land and on board, and sailing. There will be links to websites of interest and inspiration that I hope offers you guidance and motivation to take on your life! And best of all there will be your input: your stories, inspiration,thoughts and photos.

Hobie on beach in Idaho

Hobie on beach in Idaho

My intention is to offer a way for us to stay connected when we cannot be together; to offer reasons for living well in a world where excuses are abundant; to make a difference in the world.

Finding ones passion and devoting energy to it adds to the abundance around us. What is your passion? And what are you doing about it?

Peace, Love, Laughter & Pirate Yogis!


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