Feb 28 2013

Yoga Workshops in the Florida Keys


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Two delicious workshops designed to explore, experience and exhale. Find ease within your practice then let go into the depths of restorative yoga.
Enjoy a day (or two) in The Beautiful Florida Keys!
Yoga in the morning, snorkeling, sailing or exploring in the afternoon.
Only 1.5 hours from Miami!

Saturday 16 March 2013


Let’s Get Twisted!
Explore active & passive twists
Adding twists to your regular yoga practice
Improves Spinal Mobility
Promotes Internal Health
Boosts Mental Well Being





Saturday 27 April 2013  


Power Yoga/Yoga NidraIMG_2736
The Ultimate in Yin/Yang Yoga
Yin & Yang, being complementary, not opposing, forces, interact to form a whole, greater than either separate part; in effect, a dynamic system.
75 minutes of sweaty, strength building, lengthening power vinyasa
45 minute yoga nidra session.




Kim Hess, has 22 years experience in the  fitness industry, with the last 14 years focused on  the practice of yoga, teaching full time in the Miami area since 2005. Creator & author of Yoga OnboardTM & other Healthy CruisingTM Guides.

Register Here   only $25
or call 305.20YOGA1 (305.209.6421)

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