Feb 25 2013

Bringing the Euphoria Off the Mat and Into The World

Practice... Breathe...

Practice… Breathe…

Last week I received a text message from a friend of mine from back home. Her, her husband and her daughter had begun taking ‘hot yoga’, and loving it.  This morning I received a text from her asking the question “How do you carry over the euphoria you feel after yoga to your every day life, 24/7?”  Great question!

I received the text just before going into my morning gentle flow class, so after the class I asked every one that very question. The number one answer was “practice”.  I will have to agree. Taking the time to get on your mat (discipline), living in the present moment, and creating a safe space to detach from expectations are just some of the lessons we learn while on the mat, that are totally relevant within the world we live. Yoga is a sanskrit word that means “to yoke” or union. Building an awareness of what is happening in each moment, with the body, the breath and that crazy monkey mind is a practice which, when applied in every day life, can and does change lives. Through this awareness we are able to observe. Through this observation we are able to make choices coming from a peaceful detached space rather than from an emotional space which many times leads to choices that may not work for us. Taking the time to take a few conscious breaths before responding (vs reacting), could change your life. Learn your lessons on the mat, and apply them to your every day. Same practice, same lessons. Soon you will find that your “practice” is not limited to the time you are on the mat.


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