Jan 29 2013

Yoga Foundations ~ a beginners series


Your friends are doing it, your doctor recommends it, but when you think about it, your mind comes up with a million reasons not to try it. Yoga. Sounds pretty easy, or does it? If you are new to yoga or go through your classes not really understanding exactly what you are doing, then YOGA FOUNDATIONS is for you.

In this 6 part progressive workshop you will learn:


  • The Postures: You will learn how to organize and move your body efficiently into each posture, focusing on proper alignment creating an easy, safe practice. The names for each posture will be learned as well, leaving you with a sense of confidence when you enter any yoga class.
  • Modifications: So many bodies, so many poses! Make your practice your own as you learn simple ways to modify each posture to accommodate injuries or physical challenges in order to build your strength and your practice safely.
  • Breath awareness: Becoming aware of the breath is the first step in any yoga practice. Discovering the connection between breath & movement is the first step in a vinyasa or flow class. Learn how the breath can take you deeper into poses by releasing the tension built up in the body.
  • Meditation: A basic introduction to meditation will be offered as it pertains to a yoga flow class. Practice being present throughout your time on the mat.
  • History: Bits and pieces of yoga history & philosophy will be woven within the workshop, offering a basic understanding of the practice of yoga as a whole. Sanskrit, the language of yoga will be introduced, taking the mystery away.
  • Integrate: Learn how to bring together everything taught to feel comfortable and confident attending any yoga class, forming good habits that will enhance your practice.

YOGA FOUNDATIONS will be a progressive workshop with each class building upon the next. We will begin by breaking down the sun salutations, the foundation for a flow class, followed by standing postures, balancing postures, back bends, forward folds, inversions and restorative postures. The sessions will be in workshop format giving you the opportunity to receive individualized attention and the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the others in class. You will be encouraged to attend regular yoga classes throughout the workshop time period to put into practice what you will be learning.

How strong is your foundation?


Winter 2013 session will begin Monday 11 February 10-11am and run each Monday* for 6 weeks.   Cost for YOGA FOUNDATIONS  is $75

*Monday 18 Feb will be switched to Wed 20 Feb due to scheduling conflict.

REGISTER HERE   or sign up in class with Kim MWF 8:30am Gentle Flow 75 (cash, check, credit accepted)  Paradise Yoga, mm 86.7 Islamorada FL

23 February   10-Noon   2 hour class   POWER YOGA/YOGA NIDRA
16 March        10-Noon  2 hour class    LET’S GET TWISTED!

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