Dec 20 2012

Pose of the Week ~ Triangle Pose utthita trikonasana

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose
Key Largo FL

utthita trikonasana

1. Begin with your legs wide, your left foot facing to the left, the right foot facing straight.

2.Extend your arms out to the sides and relax your shoulders.

3.Slide your body to the left, lower the upper body from the hips; keeping your shoulders in alignment with the legs.

4.Lower your left hand to the deck or your shin.

5.Either use the lifeline for support or extend the right arm upward, looking up.

6.Keep both knees active.

7.Switch sides

Tones the legs, relieves back aches and strengthens the ankles.


taken from Yoga Onboard a guide for cruisers and live-aboards

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