Nov 23 2012

Gratitude & a website…

in The Florida Keys

This morning I am grateful that in a world where so many do not either have, or take advantage of their freedom, their free will, their choices, I am grateful that my boyfriend and I embrace this wholeheartedly. We understand that dreaming is one thing, chasing your dreams another, and achieving your dreams and moving onto others is yet another. We are dream achievers, and for this I am grateful.
Yes, sometimes once a dream is achieved there is a sense of emptiness before another dream fills the space, sometimes there is a sense of “is this really what I wanted?”, and other times it is pure ecstasy! I am grateful to have the knowing that whatever we desire, with pure intention and right action we can achieve our dreams. Keep dreaming, keep moving and BE GRATEFUL EVERYDAY!

Recently this website was hacked and someone shared some not so wonderful bugs with it. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to start fresh. I am currently working on getting my old website uploaded from the back up, but, may get to create an entire new website. Please be patient as I work on this.

If you want to purchase a Yoga OnboardTM Book or DVD or a Yoga Nidra CD, please email me at

thank you and namaste!

Peace, Love, Laughter and Pirate Yogis!

Kim Hess
SV Ave de Paso
Florida Keys

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