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“Except for the word change all other things in this world are subject to change. It is an inseparable part of life. Some changes bring progress while some do not but there is no power that can stop the process of changing. The wise people make the best use of change and take it as an opportunity while the rest stare helplessly at the change taking place. As Winston Churchill pointed out, if one wants to attain perfection, he or she has to change very often, which is an inevitable part of life and if you fail to change yourself, and remain stubborn in the past, you will not be a part of future. Change is inevitable, change brings about a change in life, and change should be welcomed and cherished and not despised.”


As with all things, my life & Tropic Yoga are evolving once again. Beginning my love of yoga and my yoga career in 2000 teaching on the beaches in Sayulita, Nayarit, MX, my journey has taken me home to Central Idaho, returning to Sayulita, then on to Miami Beach in 2003 where I took my studies to a deeper level and truly began my career as a yoga instructor, until finding myself in the beautiful British Virgin Islands in 2011 teaching Yoga Onboard to cruisers on their boats. In 2012 Tropic Yoga offered yoga in the Florida Keys for four years, and is now eagerly awaiting the completion of this current evolution. 

Sometimes change is by choice, other times, not so much. This is one of the “not so much” times. While I open my heart and soul to what the Universe is offering, I am leaning into the changes and looking deep inside for the lessons learned and the opportunities that lie ahead. I may not know exactly what is on the horizon,but I do know one thing for sure, I am coming home, back to that place deep within me that loves, learns, inspires and trusts. I have always said that spirituality isn’t pretty, and this is one of those times. Spirituality is like a pig rolling around in the mud, to the witness, looks dirty and chaotic, to the pig, when all is said and done… absolute heaven! It is my belief that if you are not getting dirty, you are not growing. Getting dirty many times means tears and heartache, sleepless nights, poor nutritional choices and yes, avoiding the mat and the Truth that might be found there. Each day, each moment, each breath a new opportunity; stay lying in the mud, or dance in the rain!

Right now, I am going to hop on my new yoga mat and…. Party Om!

My new yoga mat… and outlook on life!

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Thank you and Namaste

Peace, Love, Laughter & Pirate Yogis


P.S.  I want to thank my husband Eric for all of his love and support thru this time, a time when I know he is rolling in the mud right next to me. He lifts me up with his Angel Wings and encourages me to dance in the rain.  I love you baby!

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